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Renmark High SchoolRenmark High School

21st Century Learning

We are living in exciting times in which there is significant economic, technological and social change that brings with it with many challenges and opportunities. In education this has led to a global trend away from industrial models of education to ones that are more flexible, dynamic and responsive to the needs of 21st century learners.  At Renmark High School, as stated in our vision, over the 5 years of secondary schooling we aim to prepare our students with the necessary academic, physical, emotional and spiritual skills, knowledge and attitudes within themselves to enable them to meet these future challenges as responsible, proud and respected people.

In the middle school years (Yrs. 8 and 9) we build on the strong foundations of primary school and focus on providing diverse learning experiences in modern and functional learning environments. In the middle years students learning program covers all the essential learning areas of the Australian Curriculum. Our learning environments, rich in ICT, also enable students to develop the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities as they are embedded in to the learning program.

In year 10 students begin the transition to the senior school by beginning the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) through the Personal Learning Plan (PLP). Year 10 also marks the year in which students begin the transition from being interdependent to independent learners.

In the senior years of schooling (Yrs. 11 and 12) students work towards completing their SACE and preparing themselves for their desired post school pathways. Students remain ‘connected’ to their teachers, other students and their learning via online learning communities using digital technologies. Senior school learning environments are designed to support students working interdependently or independently depending on their need at the time.