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Curriculum - Subject Selection

Welcome to subject selection for the 2020 school year.

Within these pages are the subjects offered at Renmark High School and all the information you will require to make an informed decision on what your student studies in the coming year.

Please surf this site extensively to ensure you obtain the information you require.

All documents are in PDF format and you will need an Acrobat Reader to view the files (download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free).


Subject Selection: Year 9 (current year 8's)

Year 9 subject selection will be completed online this year using Webpreferences (www.webpreferences.com.au).  You will require a Web Preferences Access Guide (provided to students on Wednesday the 14/8/2019 during Beyond Tomorrow, for extra copies see your Care Group Teacher).  This document will have log in codes needed to complete the process.  For full instructions on how to use Web Preferences download the PDF below.  Subject selection will close on the 31st of August and you will not be able to submit your preferences after this date.


Subject Selection: Years 10 -12 (current year 9's - 11's)

All other year levels will select subjects in a meeting with a subject counsellor. It is highly desirable that parents/caregivers attend these interviews with their student to ensure the best subject choices occur.  Letters with times of these interviews have been mailed home to all current students.  If a parent/caregiver is present at the interview, subject selections will be automatically entered and a copy of selections provided.  If a parent/caregiver cannont attend the interview, students will select subjects with the counsellor and a copy of selections will be sent home for a parent/caregiver to sign.

Year 10 subject selection interviews (current year 9's) will occur on Tuesday the 20th of August. 

Year 11 subject selection interviews (current year 10's) will occur on Thursday the 22nd of August.

Year 12 subject selection interviews (current year 11's) will occur on Wednesday the 21st of August.

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Who Can Help With Subject Selection? 24 KB Adobe PDF
How to use Webpreferences 1.03MB Adobe PDF
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Year 8 2020
Year 9 2020
Year 10 2020
Stage 1 & 2 SACE 2020

Subject Flowcharts

Download File Size File Type
The Arts 9 KB Adobe PDF
Flexible Learning 10KB Adobe PDF
Health & Personal Development Physical Education 11 KB Adobe PDF
Health & Personal Development Home Economics 11 KB Adobe PDF
Humanities & Social Sciences 10 KB Adobe PDF
English & EALD 10 KB Adobe PDF
Langauges 10 KB Adobe PDF
Mathematics 18 KB Adobe PDF
Science 10 KB Adobe PDF
Technology 12 KB Adobe PDF