About Us

Renmark High School is a government co-educational school.

We have an enrolment of over 500 students from years 7 to 12 and located in Renmark in the beautiful Riverland of South Australia on the Murray River.

We are a proudly eclectic and culturally diverse community. Our students work side by side with students from many different cultural backgrounds and walks of life.

We value kindness and respect, with students treated as the mature and capable young adults they are becoming. Much is expected of their behaviour and conduct as they are supported to grow, stretch and learn.

Our school community is guided by our core school values:

Respectlies at the heart of our interactions and sets the tone for our entire community. It is about recognising and appreciating the worth and dignity of every individual, including ourselves. We must respect ourselves by valuing our own wellbeing, talents, and potential. It means celebrating our diverse backgrounds and appreciating the unique qualities and perspectives that each of us brings. This also extends to respecting our school environment, the space that nurtures our growth and learning. By embracing respect in all its dimensions, we create a harmonious atmosphere where everyone feels valued, safe, and supported.

Connecta value that emphasises the power of forging meaningful relationships and bonds. Connecting is more than just casual interaction; it is about actively engaging with one another, building bridges of friendship and understanding. It means reaching out to those around us, making new friends, and supporting each other through both the good times and the challenging times. When we connect, we form a network of shared experiences and support systems. It is through this web of connections that we find a sense of belonging, uplifting and inspiring one another.  The value of connect encapsulates our school motto, “not for ourselves alone.” When we connect, we create a sense of belonging and unity that enhances our overall school experience. Together, we can achieve so much more through teamwork and collaboration.

Achieveembodies our spirit of determination and the pursuit of excellence. It is about setting personal and academic goals and working hard to reach them. Achieve is about grit, about challenging ourselves and pushing beyond our limits. It is the unwavering commitment to continuous growth and improvement. Achieve is about setting ambitious targets, stepping out of our comfort zones, and persisting even when faced with obstacles. When we strive for achievement, we grow personally and academically. We become better versions of ourselves and lay the foundation for future success.

Our approach is reinforced by our school Motto: non nobis solum – or “not for ourselves alone” – which in essence means that we believe we all have a responsibility to contribute to the general greater good of ourselves, of others, of our community, and of our global presence. We promote and instil these values into our students throughout their five years with us so that they may continue to live by them into their adult lives.

We have a rich history of sport at Renmark High School. Our students are divided and compete in four houses: Tintra, Sturt, Chaffey and Murray. They display a high level of co-operation and enthusiasm, and this is evident throughout the three annual school carnivals – Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.

Renmark High School has a strong focus on student leadership, promoting positive values and developing a sense of local citizenship in all year groups. The Student Representative Council (SRC) work hard to maintain a passionate, supportive school spirit by running numerous activities throughout the year and providing a strong voice to the student body.

Our Wellbeing Team, comprising the Director of Inclusion, Wellbeing Leader, Student Support Coordinator, Flexible Learning Coordinator and a Social Worker, display an unwavering commitment to students at Renmark High School. This team works hard to deliver proactive rather than reactive wellbeing support to all students. This requires a strong understanding of the personal needs of our students and focusing on student’s strengths, resilience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology, we use the latest research of wellbeing initiatives and strategies to support them.

In addition to our main campus, Renmark High School runs a Farm Management Centre with a range of farming enterprises to support the curriculum delivered. We apply a range of environmentally sustainable methods in our vineyard and practices.