Alternate Learning

Renmark High School provides alternative learning opportunities supporting students to ensure they are successful learners. Students are supported in a variety of different ways depending on their individual needs.

Learning Hub

Renmark High School’s Learning Hub caters to a variety of student needs by giving additional support as part of the student’s learning. Students work with Learning Hub teachers to develop their foundational knowledge or academic rigour to support them in their mainstream lessons. These alternate programs include:

  • Academic Stretch
  • Lexia Power Up
  • Red Box Reading
  • Maths Online
  • EALD Support

Flexible Learning Options (FLO) Program

The FLO Program aims to assist students who seek learning and support outside of a mainstream setting. This program offers a variety of school and community opportunities that support students’ education and wellbeing, to ensure they receive educational outcomes suited to their needs. Renmark High School employs two youth workers to support the engagement of our students. The long-term goal for FLO students is to achieve their SACE and make a successful transition to further education or employment. The Department for Education (DfE) FLO Policy has determined that student non-attendance in schooling is the primary indicator for referral to FLO. To be considered for the FLO Program, students must be SACE enrolled and follow the FLO Referral Process via Renmark High School’s Student Review Team.