International Program

International Exchange Program

Renmark High School has a long and proud history of international student exchange, establishing connections between students, their families and the wider community from every corner of the globe. We welcome students on long and short term exchange programs, as well as sending our students to experience life in other countries.

Participation in these programs enables our students to develop their potential as internationally minded and critical thinkers.

Study Tours

Students at Renmark High School have the opportunity to participate in international study tours to improve their linguistic proficiency in their chosen language, as well as developing their intercultural perspective and knowledge.

Study tour programs are designed to ensure students experience a safe and rewarding experience in a homestay program with supportive host families, intensive specialist language classes and cultural excursions.

Study tours are on offer in partnership with the School of Languages to New Caledonia and Spain.

Student Exchange Programs

Students have the option to participate in a reciprocal exchange program to over 20 different countries, from 6 weeks to a full year through an approved exchange organisation. The sponsoring organisation provides home stay accommodation and arranges the enrolment of students, travel, visas and all other aspects of student exchange. Students are encouraged to apply from Year 10 onwards. Costs vary depending on length of exchange.

Approved Student Exchange organisations include;

  • Students of the World
  • Southern Cross Cultural Exchange
  • Education Foundation
  • Student Exchange Australia
  • Rotary Club of Renmark

Study Tours – Inbound

Japan Homestay Program

Renmark High School has been welcoming students from Hachioji Junior High School in Japan for over a decade. Japanese students are hosted by our students and their families, who support their special visitors by providing a home-stay experience. Our school provides a program whereby they have intensive English lessons, an experience of some mainstream classes, as well as local excursions.

Homestay Information

Further development of your student’s international mindedness can be achieved by welcoming an international student into your home.

If you would like to volunteer your time to be a short term homestay for one of our visiting study tours, please contact Jasmine Sotiroulis for more information;

International Programs at Renmark High School

Renmark High School is an accredited international secondary school in South Australia who welcomes international students to undertake their secondary school studies.

Together with a highly experienced team of specialist teachers and School Support Officers, Renmark High School delivers a wide range of curriculum offerings for international students to successfully complete their SACE and attain university entrance scores nationally and globally.

For more information about studying abroad in South Australia please contact;
International Education Services
Department for Education
PO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5000
GFW, 31 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000
T :+61 8 8226 3402

For further details about application processes and Homestay services to;